Musk tries to dampen coronavirus hubbub with typical billionaire bombasticism

Ok this is one of my Elon shit posts...but i think this one is deserved. Still <3 tho.

Elon's at it again...this time trying to dissuade the public from taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously (Fortunately he didn't build a submarine to rescue people from the virus, yet)

First he tweeted, last week that

Sometimes I think he just tweets controversial thing to get attention - like any other got-lucky-only-half-smart billionaire. Some people should definitely panic. Others shouldn't - but it's hard to appreciate the panic of people who are in dangerous situations - economically or medically - when you've got a G650 jet and a always-prepped bunker at your beck and call.

Then today he's like

....ok boomer

And we can't forget this gem - great insight!

Elon's turning into a bit of a twat on twitter...maybe he should just stay quiet, let the medical experts handle the covid19 situation, and focus on what he's good at (virology, not one of those things, at least not yet).


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