TSLA 9000

Sorry must have added an extra zero there...can't keep track...

Yesterday's post was too early. TSLA now at 900...wow!

Is this the top locally?
Maybe, but keep in mind that the 2018 CEO performance award implies a share price of $3000 (factoring in dilution estimates) by 2028, so definitely room to go higher. Otherwise the person who knows the most about the company and its desired future direction (Elon Musk) wouldn't have agreed to base his comp on the market cap, on a success only basis...
That said he also was willing to take Tesla private at $420 and sold stock (to raise cash) around $300 not less than 2 years ago, so nothing is guaranteed at this stage.

Here's how I get to $3000/share:
Today's market cap: $160B
Today's share price $900/share
Elon's award market cap max: $650B
650/160*900 = roughly $3000/share

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