Tesla Stock hits new high at 780

I had resisted posting this but this is just insane how quickly this stock has shot up

courtesy of bbg:


TSLA is now valued at $140B, and honestly still probably has room to run.
Short interest is down a bit per S3 Partners, but no less than its baseline...which combined with large institutional investors (think everyone from the fund houses like Fidelity and Blackrock, to the Saudis, to Warren Buffet and all the smaller guys below them will need to buy, esp if it TSLA enters the SP500 in the next year or two) means a lot of tailwinds for the stock - recession or not, full-self-driving or not

See S3 report here: https://shortsight.com/category/stocks/us/tesla/

Elon just tweeted fire emojis...steerin clear of the SEC i see!


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