Summary of Familial Influence

Elon's Maternal ancestors were pioneers/american settlers...

Elon's Mother was also a small business entrepreneur, and comfortable in the spotlight (probably inherited from her father & upbringing, no doubt passed on to Elon himself)

Elon's Father was an entrepreneur/consultant and rather successful. Described as a swashbuckling, astute engineer, Errol spend a lot of time with Elon during his formative youth years, as the young boy was living and traveling the world with his father.

With that is no wonder that Elon has a penchant for showmanship and a proclivity for engineering. His mannerisms may not be rehearsed or smooth with flair, but his compelling showmanship likely comes from an inherited, ingrained influence from childhood, that was acquired through "osmosis" ...never actually practiced & thus a little rough around the edges, yet by definition, quite genuine & easily manifested.

Check out him describing his ancestors below, and then check out his family describing him in the second video @ 4:41

Elon's maternal grandfather passed away in 1974 when Elon was about 3 years old, so although he is unlikely to have had a direct influence, his entrepreneurial spirit and love of exploration was likely passed down through Elon's mother, Maye.
Combine that with Errol Musk's traveling adventures, in which Elon participated, it is no wonder Elon has a desire to go to Mars (He's bored of earth) and the chutzpah to take relatively bold risks.


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