Siblings and Cousins

Elon has an impressive cohort of siblings & cousins.

His brother Kimbal has some entrepreneurial ventures (mostly local & media focused, out of Boulder Colorado, though he got his start alongside Elon with Zip2).

His sister, Tosca, has a media company/film production studio of her own in Los Angeles, CA. Some of her movies were obviously, funded by Elon.

His maternal cousins (son's of his mom's sister Kaye) are Lyndon and Peter Rive, cofounders and CEO and CTO of SolarCity, who previously founded and sold EverDream Software to Dell.
They are also apples of the same tree - specializing in a particular area, getting really good (world class level) in order to acheive an objective - Lyndon played on the national underwater hockey team in the US (and Peter in Ultimate Frisbee), and he used that "special designation" to get a visa to the USA. Lyndon is dyslexic and never went to college, but was a very a hard worker & had a keen sense of business, enough to build a door to door medicine sales business (starting with his mother's clients) & make over $100k USD annually while he was a junior/senior in high school in Pretoria.


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