Late Childhood (age 10-16)

Here, Elon read a lot of philosophy and had an "existential crisis" around ages 13-15.
He read Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, which had a very nihilist viewpoint and thus were rather negative, but the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy had a positive spin on life and provided him with the insight that "if you ask the right questions, the answers are easy - the hard part is asking the right question"

Elon also got the latest models of computers, and eventually got the Commodore VIC 20, on which he wrote a space game called Blastar, which he sold (via mail) to a computer hobbyist magazine for the ZAR equivalent of $500 USD.

He later invested these in a pharmeceutical stock (and probably, getting lucky, tripled his money, or something.) Supposedly, he took these savings and used that to buy a plane ticket to Canada around age 17....see next post


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