Elon's Grandfather - Part 1

Elon's maternal grandfather, Joshua Norman Haldeman, was a chiropractor, political activicst, pilot, cowboy, adventurer, and had an all-round entrepreneurial spirit. He was born November 25th, 1902, in Pequot Lakes, Crow Wing, MN (USA), though his family relocated to Herber, Saskatchwan in 1906 or 1907.  He passed away in 1974 in a plane crash.

Parents and Childhood 1902-1922
Joshua's father was John Elon Haldeman (see other posts) and passed away August 9th, 1909 when Joshua was 6 due to diabetes. His mother, Almeda Jane Haldeman (Norman) later married Mr. Heseltine Wilson on March 2, 1915.

Heseltine was a "Yorkshire Englishman" who was a school teacher, owned a very large farm, and served as the Reeve (i.e. president) of Excelsior Municipality (Herbert, Saskatchewan, Canada).
Almeda, who had decided to study chiropractic medicine to take care of her husband, and became the first chiropractor to practice in Canada (see Summary - themes). She also started a restaurant, attended the Norman School in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and then in 1910 taught the first classes in Donnellyville School Division. A trailblazing entrepreneur in her own regard.

Joshua grew up in a home with a strong focus on health (chiropractic methods & healthy living - no modern medicine), and being reared by 2 teachers, probably had strong value for education/learning.
He grew up on his stepfather's farm - learning to ride horses bronco style, and engaging in sports like wrestling, boxing and 'exhibition rope spinning' (like a cowboy with a lasso).

Chiropractic School 1922-1926
Joshua attended many colleges in his youth (though did not earn a degree) but most importantly attended the Palmer School of Chiropractic, at one of the most turbulent times of its history. He earned his doctorate in 1926 from the Palmer School (in Davenport, Iowa). (To put that into context, Chiropractic was only invented in 1890 by DD Palmer, who's son, BJ Palmer, expanded the methodology in the early 20th century. It is still considered to be more of a pseudo-science by modern medical establishment, though, that is not saying much...). Joshua maintained a lifelong friendship with BJ Palmer, and became a very accomplished chiropractor later in life.

Back to Farming 1927-1934
However, he only practiced clinically for a few years after 1926, and went back to farming in Waldeck/Ardill area in Saskatchewan for 6 years. In 1927, he married Eve Peters, (and had a son on December 12, 1934, named Joshua Jerry Noel Haldeman, who would also become an entrepreneur later in life, owning and operating a local own airline company.)

However, due to the dust bowl conditions, and the great depression starting, Joshua lost his farm to creditors around 1934, when he could no longer make payments for equipment he had purchased with a bank loan. This supposedly left him leery of financial institutions and beauracracies throughout his life (and led to his avid social/political involvement). Due to the farm loss, he worked various jobs to make ends meet - as a construction worker, cowboy (breaking horses for farmers), and rodeo performer, before establishing a chiropractic office in 1935, in Assiniboia, which he worked until 1936.


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