Elon says "Don't summon the demon"

Elon musk gives a talk at MIT, warning that AI could be the most dangerous existential threat for humans.

He says it's like summoning the demon, who they guy thinks can be controlled by the holy water etc.

I doubt AI is really an existential threat in the near term (I don't think he thinks so either, though his timeline is 10 years or so) as I think the AI needs to manifest itself in some physical form before being able to do a lot of damage...so that part also needs to be developed (kinda like Voldemort or Sauron!). However, I definitely think AI could take over a lot of white collar jobs that currently exist...that is definitely a threat to modern service-sector dominated economies...like the US.


  1. Who was your greatest inspiration growing up, and how did you know what you wanted to do with your life at such an eary age

  2. Ai will change evrything. For the worst... Too bad


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