Elon's Mother

Maye Musk (Haldeman) was born to Joshua Norman Haldeman and Winnifred (Wyn) Josephine Fletcher. Maye was born in 1948, along with twin sister Kaye (mother of Lyndon & Peter Rive- Elon's cousins who started SolarCity). She was born in the small town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in a 3 story, 20 room house (though her older brother was born when her parents lived in a 6x11 trailer, and his first bed was an apple box. Shows how far, financially speaking, her dad, Joshua Haldeman, probably came in a few brief years via his chiropractic practice...)

Maye with Elon on October 27, 2011 at WSJ Magazine Innovator of the Year awards in NYC

From the time Maye was 3 months old, she would be taken on trips (in an airplane, no less) around the country with her father, to locations like Denver, CO or Davenport, IA. She had an older brother Scott (born sometime close to 1942) and a younger brother Angkor Lee (born 1955).

Sometime in 1950 (but before November 21st), her family moved to Pretoria, South Africa, where she would continue to nurture a spirit for exploration through her dad's intercontinental aerial forays.
She studied nutrition in college, and began what would become a successful modeling career, starting out through a friend of her mother's during her teen years. She won a few beauty competitions and was a finalist for Miss South Africa while still in school, and continued modeling for the next 5 decades (see her portfolio here).

She also started a prominent dietetics practice in South Africa, then started it again when she moved back to Canada (in 1989, after Elon left), and started it once more when she moved to New York in 1999 - "because New Yorkers talk fast and they walk fast." She moved in March 2013 to Los Angeles, where Elon and Tosca also reside.


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