Elon's Father

Errol Graham Musk was born in 1946 in South Africa, to a South African father and British mother.

Errol Musk while visiting his other son Kimbal in Denver, CO on March 28th, 2014.

Described as a swashbuckling, astute engineer, he became quite wealthy through his own Engineering Consulting practice/developing real estate (probably mining/natural resources related infrastructure), eventually retiring early. He was likely semi-retired by 1980, at 34, as he seemed to have a lot of time to spend traveling/for leisure.

He owned thoroughbred horses, a yacht, a Cessna (he enjoyed sailing and piloting), as well as several residential homes. One of his houses was in the upscale suburb of Pretoria called Waterkloof, where Elon likely spent most of his childhood after age 9.

Errol also had a stake in an emerald mine (near Lake Tanganyika, Zambia), where he would one day take his young sons Elon and Kimbal, so you can imagine the level of success/wealth he had - probably on the order of $20M USD.

(Note: not much is known about Elon's father's side of the family....so that story ends here, at least for now. Apparently, Elon and his father are estranged, and Elon probably doesn't talk to him much because he thinks his father has gone a little senile, and Elon is afraid he will too, so doesn't want to be reminded of/associate with that. ).


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