Eating and Sleeping like a Billionaire

Some german media guys waste a lot of Elon's time asking him about his diet. Although it's cool they asked him about personal stuff as no one else does that.

Good to know Elon doesn't eat caviar all day.

Things of note:

Elon used to have 8 diet cokes a day in the Paypal/early SpaceX years apparently. Along with at least 2 cups of coffee.
Elon sleeps from 1am to 7am on average.
Elon doesn't usually eat breakfast, and eats his lunch in 5 minutes or so.
Elon exercises 1-2 times a week, just doing a little on the treadmill and lifting some weights

Doesn't sound like he lives a very healthy or luxurious lifestyle.

Fun fact: His grandfather was so against coke (back when they used to put cocaine in it) that he conducted an 'anti-coke' campaign in Saskatechwan, Canada - and claimed that one of his partners in the anti-coke campaign was killed via a

Favorite quote from the video:
"Is that water?"


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