Elon's Grandfather - Part 2

Like his parents, throughout his career Elon's grandfather was active as a leader in political and social organizations:

  1. Saskatchewan Farmer's Political Association (active circa 1927 - 1934)
  2. United Farmers of Canada-Saskatchewan Section, Ltd. (active circa 1927-1934)
  3. Assiniboia Federal Constituency for the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation - later Government of Saskatchewan (1934 - 1936).
  4. a "Research and Open Forum Debating Society" in Saskatchewan (directed it, in 1930s)
  5. Technocracy, Inc (led Canadian Branch, was director of research, and an "authorized instructor, 1936-1941. He left in 1941, when the organization shifted from opposing Nazis/Communists to supporting Stalin and the USSR. He was charged by the Govt of Canada personally, when they declared Technocracy to be an illegal organization, though it was a patriotic one.)
  6. Attempted to establish his own political party in Saskatchewan, publishing a newsletter regularly, called Total War & Defence (1941-1943)
  7. Joined the Social Credit Party (1943), which had been in power in Alberta, and wanted to expand to Saskatchewan. Served as provincial coordinator (1944) and vice president/provincial secretary (1945). However he was unsuccessful in being elected to public office, as he was not chosen as the SCP candidate for Prince Albert Federal Constituency....though he still would remain active in the SCP.
  8. participated in creation of Saskatchewan Chiropractors Association (appointed to Board)
  9. participated in creation of and heavily involved in DCCC as Saskatchwan Representative (1943, the precursor to Canadian Chiropractic Association). He was also involved in meetings with the military to try and get chiropractor positions (like medical doctors) in the army. He also participated in setting the chiropractic curriculum (i.e. the course of study to become one) and had strong opinions.
  10. elected as VP of the DCCC (1947) and served as representative to the ICA (requiring 2 annual trips to Davenport, Iowa...when train travel from Regina to Davenport took 48 hours one way. Thus he bought a plane in 1948.)
  11. secretary of SACA (South African Chiropractor's association, 1952-1959)
  12. president of SACA (1959-1969, "During his tenure, the SACA maintained monthly educational meetings, invited neurosurgeons and professors from the medical schools as speakers at the annual conventions and formed a South African Chiropractic Research Foundation which briefly had a small animal laboratory. It was typical of Joshua Haldeman' s vision for the science and art of chiropractic.")
During July/Aug 1935, he returned to the USA for more coursework, at National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, and at the Palmer School. In 1936, he started his chiropractic office in Regina, Saskatchewan which lasted until 1950, when he moved to South Africa. He kept up to date with developments in his field, attending the National Chiropractor Association's convention in 1938, in Toronto, where he was awarded a certificate of membership to the NCA National Council of Roentgenologists. He was active in many organizations, reaching the some of the highest levels in the chiropractic field.


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