Elon buys a McLaren F1 (and shows off)

On a CNN documentary, Elon takes delivery of his McLaren F1 after make $22 million in the sale of Zip2, and has just recently launched X.com.

Favorite quotes:

"Receiving cash is cash. I mean, those are just a large number of Ben Franklins"
"There it is ladies and gentlemen, the fastest car in the world" (said to no one in particular - only his wife, and the driver of the delivery truck were around)
"There are 62 Mclaren F1s in the world. And I will own one of them."
"Ralph Lauren tried to buy this car. [but I bought it first. hahahah!]"
"It would be cool to be on the cover of Rolling Stone"

(could you sound more like an egotistical jackass?)

Elon probably should have hired some personal press advisors.

Also, he used to use it as his daily car, driving it for 11,000 miles before crashing it (that's another post). Imagine how much CO2 he put into the atmosphere with a car that probably gets like 8 mi/gal.


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