1993 Wharton Thesis (Google)

In 1993 (basically the year the internet began), Elon wrote a paper for his Wharton degree describing a "google-like" search engine for the internet (i.e. using link counting/PageRank style technology. He didn't build it...because advertising wasn't a clear path to monetization back then. Also, while impressive, there were many others with a similar idea, because this is exactly how scientific research papers are ranked & judged for their effectiveness.)

Apparently Elon wrote it with a guy named Christian F. Eidem, also a South African attending Wharton at the time (from the link above: "Christian Eidem, is a private investor and board member of several companies. He also founded International Sports Management Group Ltd (one of Europe’s largest sports management companies), Asante Oil (an oil company focusing on Eastern and Southern Africa) and led an Anglo Norwegian consortium bidding for Liverpool FC in 2006.")

Elon also wrote another paper on ultracapacitors for use in energy storage systems (which led naturally to his PhD program at Stanford) and a paper on solar panel for energy production.


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