Kimbal Musk - a brother is born

Elon's younger brother, Kimbal was born when he was just over 1 year old - on September 20, 1972.

Kimbal would go on to co-found Zip2 with his brother, and later was instrumental as an investor in Elon's subsequent ventures (, SpaceX, Tesla). 

Kimbal Musk at a meeting around September 2011, in Boulder, CO

In fact, it is likely that these ventures succeeded only because Kimbal was willing to back his brother from his own share of winnings, after Elon poured the majority of his net worth into these ventures.

Growing up, Kimbal enjoyed building computers, but also enjoyed cooking and was the chef of the family. After selling Zip2, he moved to NYC and went to the prestigious French Culinary Institute. (During the aftermath of 9/11, Kimbal would cook for 6 weeks - out of a destroyed restaurant's kitchen nearby - for the firefighters at Ground Zero, since he lived 10 blocks from the site).

He then took a tour of the western USA in February, looking at multiple cities including Jackson Hole, Boulder, Denver, Santa Fe, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Marin County, Portland, Seattle.

He settled on Boulder, CO, and then worked for chef Hugo Matheson at the Mateo restaurant, before opening up The Kitchen with him. That restaurant is growing, with 7 locations by 2014. You can read more about Kimbal and his philosophy courtesy of the Denver Post.

Kimbal lives in Boulder, CO in a "big Victorian house near downtown" with 3 kids, and 2 younger half-sisters from his Dad's side (incl. Alexandra Musk)


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