Elon's Grandfather - Part 3

The family begins

In 1942, he married Winnifred (Wyn) Fletcher, a dance teacher, describing it as so in his autobiographical account:

"Life seemed to be a little dull, so I decided to take dancing lessons and phoned the local dance studio. The dance teacher said she was booked up until nine o'clock that evening. I told her, "That's all right. I want to get started and will come back at nine o'clock." Six months passed and in a weak moment I happened to say, "When will you marry me?" Without hesitation, "Tomorrow" she said."

During the world war II, (1939-1945) Joshua "was so busy with his political and economic research that he had little time for his practice and lived at the YMCA. After a honeymoon in a straw patch on his parent's farm, they moved to Wyn's six-by-eleven trailer. Their son Scott's first bed was an apple box on the side of a wall. Once daughter Lynne arrived, however, Joshua's commitment to family took over and he built one of the most successful chiropractic practices in the province of Saskatchewan. He moved to a 3-story, 20-room house in which Wyn had her dance studio. Twin daughters, Maye and Kaye, arrived in 1948 following by another son, Angkor Lee, in 1955."
So you can imagine how financially successful he was with his chiropractic practice sometime between 1942-1948...In 1947, Elon's grandmother, Wyn, founded a small ballet company (though she had worked jobs since age 16, and been a dance teacher for a while.). Apparently, he was known to be a highly principled man and had a very stable, friendly and nurturing family life/demeanor.


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