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Elon is officially gunning for JD Rockefeller

In the the early 1900's JD Rockefeller amassed and grew a fortune worth $200M in 1902 to $1.5B+ in 1937.

As a proportion of GDP (24B in 1902, and 92B in 1937), this was roughly 1.5% of US GDP.

Elon Musk today was confirmed for a $55B pay package from Tesla, provided he meets certain goals.

Let's run through Elon's potential net worth, 10 years from now.


Tesla 2028: $650B market cap

Elon's share = 20% current, which will probably dilute by about 20% over time due to capital raises and employee awards = 16%

Elon's award = 12% * (.8 after taxes), then factor in 10% average dilution = 8.65%

So this results in roughly 25% ownership of a $650B pie = $162B


SpaceX was valued at $21.5B in late 2017 in a funding round.
Elon intends to do the following:
-launch a starlink network, to take a big chunk of the internet network, potentially worth ~30B as a standalone business in 10 years (look at the ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc)
-increase Falcon …

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